Good News: The PM and Downing Street are afraid!



Though most of the mainstream media are giving space to Theresa’s call for the Scottish voters to reject Indyref2 by voting Tory in the local elections coming up, two stories have avoided such delusional notions and correctly spotted the fear that lies behind such calls.

Today, Europe Breaking News responding to a Times article (I can’t seem to trace it online) based on the usual ‘a source’ saying:

“Allowing one [a referendum] could lead to the break-up of the UK. Do you really want to take the risk on a 50/50 coin toss?” 

The Europe Breaking News report is headed:

‘Downing Street fears second Scottish independence referendum after Article 50 is triggered’

Essentially, the piece argues that if May triggers the Brexit process next month, Sturgeon will leap to announce a second Scottish Independence Referendum knowing that May will be unlikely to risk a ‘constitutional crisis’ by refusing permission,.

Better still, the Daily Mail detects fear too. Here’s their headline:

‘Theresa May fears the Scottish government will call another independence referendum as she triggers the formal Brexit process.’

Ever expert in detecting fear, the Mail writes:

‘In a sign of nerves in No10, the premier has urged voters in Scotland to use May’s council elections to make clear to Ms Sturgeon that they do not want another independence referendum.’

They go on to identify the same likely actions by Sturgeon once May invokes Article 50 and characterise it as a ‘huge gamble’ for the PM with some recent polls showing only a very small margin in favour or remaining in the UK.

I’ve already written about the BMG poll suggesting 49% for Yes and arguing for its greater accuracy than others:

Why the 49% supporting independence in today’s BMG poll may be more accurate and much more optimistic than other recent polls suggesting a wider gap.

In the above, I concluded:

‘So based on the above evidence this recent 49% might well be pretty accurate. Why does that make me optimistic? I guess it’s obvious to many of you. To start a campaign for a Yes vote in the next referendum from a starting point of almost equivalence would be a dream for us Yessers. Think of the extra nearly 200 000 16 years of age plus voters who have arrived on the scene since September 2014. More important, think of all the feet shoved sideways in Tory politicians’ mouths over the next few years. They can’t hide their contempt for us. They’re going to feed us so much evidence we’d be better apart. Think of all the non-native but welcome Scots who now know all too well what the English Tories think of them and their right to stay in the UK. Think of all the Union-first Labour supporters who voted Tory recently who find out just what that is going to mean for their employment rights, their families and their unemployed or disabled friends. They’ll be back.’


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