Trendspotting? Danny Boyle tells Scotland to ‘choose life’….. out of the UK. Plus the 300 MMbbl Lancaster estimate was “conservative”. Plus there is much more Oil and Gas good news. Plus an old but very good story I don’t remember hearing



Friday 10th February 2017

WTF is the ‘300 MMbbl Lancaster estimate’, do I hear you ask? I’ll have a go at explaining it below. For the moment, ‘MMbbl’ means ‘million barrels’ and there’s billions coming later (BBbbl?), so I’m fairly sure it’s good news but first, that Danny Boyle:

Trendspotting? Danny Boyle tells Scotland to choose life….. out of the UK.

First though, on 9th February 2017, award-winning (I assume) film-maker Danny Boyle has told Scotland to choose life outside the UK after the Brexit vote. Begbie has been appointed Trump’s Scottish Ambassador though only after agreeing that the Consulate be moved to Leith. Boyle, an Englishman, said:

‘We had our hearts broken with Brexit, because we wanted to stay in the EU. Scotland voted for staying in the EU while England voted for Brexit. I think if Brexit still happens, Scotland will leave the United Kingdom.’

The only problem with taking Iggy Pop’s lyrics too seriously is that he also wrote, ‘I wanna be your dog!’

Seriously we could employ the Englishman Boyle to design our Independence Day celebrations to show there are no hard feelings.

300 MMbbl Lancaster estimate was “conservative”

On Tuesday, 07 February 2017, in ‘Offshore Engineer: The Trusted Source in Offshore Intelligence’, I read the badly jargonised but just about understandable:

‘Fractured basement reservoir explorer Hurricane Energy says its previous 300 MMbbl estimate for the Lancaster field, west of Shetland is conservative. The firm has completed technical analysis of the Lancaster, Lincoln and Warwick assets, all fractured basement assets, west of Shetland, following drilling the Lancaster 7, 7Z and Lincoln wells in 2016. 

Hurricane says a new competent persons review on the assets is being compiled and it likely to result in a “material uplift in contingent resources as well as the anticipated reserves associated with the planned early production system,” being planned for Lancaster, with a final investment decision expected at the end of 1H this year. Hurricane previously reported a flow rate of at least 14,500 Stb/day in the Lancaster 205/21a-7Z well which has now been refined to a maximum stable rate of 15,375 Stb/day using an ESP, following third party interpretation of the flow meter data.’

 I think they’re saying there’s even more oil and gas to the west of Shetland, up to more than 15 000 barrels a day, just in their field. Remember that’s just MMbbls. There are BBbbls coming next. Mind you, why are these ‘assets’ in Scottish waters called Lancaster, Lincoln and Warwick?  Is this early evidence of post –independence underwater land-grab by the rUK?

There’s more, much more. I thought our oil and gas industry was in deep decline. See this in Linkedin, written late in 2016 but predicting developments in 2017

7 oil & gas projects to watch in 2017

At first sight, I thought the seven did not include Scotland, then nearly at the end of the article, I found this very encouraging evidence of further and even larger ‘assets’ to the west of Shetland:

Clair Ridge second phase finishes – North Sea

‘The talk in the North Sea in recent years has been asset sell-offs, margin shrinkages and managed declines, but it is not all bad news for the region – 75 kilometres to the west of the Shetland Islands in the North Sea is the 8.1 billion barrel capacity Clair Ridge field. Here, BP has been putting the finishing touches to its Claire Ridge facility to bump up production levels. Clair Ridge is already well serviced by a network of undersea pipes, but phase two will see this network extended with options for future seabed tiebacks if necessary. BP is targeting a production capacity of 120,000 barrels per day upon completion. What is notable about this project is that it will premier BP’s latest advanced oil recovery technology LoSal. LoSal uses water injection to de-salinize surrounding areas, which will substantially improve recovery levels. As many as 40 million extra barrels of oil could be extracted from Clair Ridge at a greater cost effectiveness during the site’s operational life. Clair Ridge is expected to keep producing until 2050.’

See those numbers? 8.1 billion barrels? 120 000 barrels per day? Producing until 2050? That’s  at least another 30 years of production after Independence?

Finally, today, I stumbled across this with my undisciplined googling. It is really quite old but I don’t remember seeing much about it at the time. Apologies if you did

Scotland’s Cancer Strategy: an ambitious plan that’s good news for patients

 This is from Cancer Research UK on March 15, 2016. It’s their exact and very positive headline above. Obviously, I can’t remember anything from that far back.  I did find something from Labour’s Jenny Marra on the BBC website at the time. It contravenes my new policy so I’ve left it out.


Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, on a visit to the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. Credit: Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

Here’s an extract:

‘Cancer is a big issue in Scotland, and the statistics are striking. Last year the disease became Scotland’s biggest killer….. Tackling this won’t be easy. And it needs serious investment. We think strategies like this are vital. They help set priorities, and lay out where money should go to help the NHS work as best it can for its patients…..In short, asking for more money is tough, but has never been more urgent……So today’s headline announcement – of £100m over the next term of the Scottish Parliament – is very welcome news.

Courage mes braves!


14 thoughts on “Trendspotting? Danny Boyle tells Scotland to ‘choose life’….. out of the UK. Plus the 300 MMbbl Lancaster estimate was “conservative”. Plus there is much more Oil and Gas good news. Plus an old but very good story I don’t remember hearing

  1. Clydebuilt February 10, 2017 / 2:20 pm

    John …..You’re onto a WINNER……. . Great read , and this is the sort of info we need to get out…..

    There’s a geological feature that runs up the Atlantic coast of Ireland and Scotland.(think it’s the East Atlantic Margin the Claire Ridge is part of this feature) ….in layman’s terms …..its full of oil….. At last Indy ref. Cameron went on a secret mission to Shetland ( and maybe a rig) ….. Was supposed to be hushed up ….. But it leaked out….. Funny it wasn’t lead article on the state broadcasters RS.

    Think some very large rig module for a rig west of Shetland was made in Europe……… One way of keeping this hushed up……

    All this was known pre Indy Ref 1…. Why did YES…. SNP not shout it loud and clear……. Why aren’t they doing it now? …..

    This new direction is a better read than exposing The State Broadcaster’s lies….. Dunno how the inmates at PQ hack it…….. Must think they are on a mission……. For What Purpose?


  2. Clydebuilt February 10, 2017 / 2:25 pm

    Should have been. off ….not…… of


  3. sandy February 10, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    I am pleased that , for the sake of your health , you have decided to change tact. I think that promoting positive news will also help my blood pressure. Your blogs have been and will remain part of my required reading. I wish you every good health!


  4. Contrary February 10, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    Is there not a pile of oil off the west coast of Scotland? But no industry is allowed off the west coast because of TRIDENT!! So the oil can’t be drilled for. Difficult choices, destroy the world slowly with hydrocarbon-burning, or faster with nuclear-fast-burning,,, will I wont I will I wont I? hum. Don’t get me wrong, I burn a lot of hydrocarbons a day, and think it is a brilliant powerful fuel source, but we need innovation (into other sorts of ways of doing things. Have heard many a story of interesting patents being bought up, and suppressed by, big multiconglormorateinternationalglobal companies – whatever they are called these days – we could have moved on to a less consumer society decades ago without this suppression) and responsible use. But the key point is – there is tons and tons of barrels of oil in Scotland’s waters, we do NOT need fracking (it can also be done offshore. We don’t have an established on-shore drilling infrastructure, to introduce it would be madness and not economically particularly beneficial particularly when we have LOTs of oil and gas not next to folk’s houses). I did a FuturLearn course on fracking 🙂

    I have given up beef to reduce my carbon footprint (which may be high due to excessive hydrocarbon-burning). (I’m even cringing a bit myself while writing that, but it’s true!)(except for that tiny little steak pie two weeks ago).


    • Hugh Wallace February 10, 2017 / 4:02 pm

      Please don’t give up beef for the sake of the environment. It is not, completely not, an issue. Grain agriculture has a far higher carbon footprint. And, despite the current ‘wisdom’ eating beef is not bad for you health either. Think about where we get such information from; the main stream media. Regular readers of this site know that the media is not to be trusted very far. And unfortunately health authorities have not caught up with the most recent scientific understanding of the role of protein and fat so their advice is somewhat outdated. Health, exercise and diet is my day job so to speak.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Contrary February 10, 2017 / 6:17 pm

        Ahh, it is the principle of the thing, giving up beef, makes me feel better, and anything is better than nothing (my car is REALLY inefficient),,, and you could go as far as to say: humans are not good for the environment per se, but we wont go there. I don’t really bother too much, and I avoid grains anyway 🙂

        I meant to say before that there is ALLEGEDLY tons of oil off the west coast, and it might be kind of hard to drill for in places, I didn’t intend to rant!


    • johnrobertson834 February 10, 2017 / 4:18 pm

      Yes, I share many of your reservations and have eaten at least one steak pie recently.


      • broadbield February 10, 2017 / 6:59 pm

        There is a bit of a problem with oil – greenhouse gasses, non-renewable resource, pollution and all that. But it’s also a very useful commodity. We need an intelligent strategy to deal with our oil resources to a) minimise the harm caused by burning it; to find more environmentally beneficial ways of using it, and b) to use the profits for the common good, a la Norway.

        When we raised beef cattle (on a very small scale) they were fed naturally on grass, no grains i.e. low input, low output. (yes, they do emit methane). So eat beef that’s been reared extensively on the Scottish uplands – native breeds, preferably.

        (And by the way, pigs prefer mud when it’s hot, they don’t like wading knee deep in it during the winter. They are very clean, intelligent animals and, unlike some humans, never sh*t on their own doorstep.)


  5. Hugh Wallace February 10, 2017 / 3:57 pm

    John, more good news! Just the way we like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Escargot February 11, 2017 / 9:01 am

    Perhaps if our country reassumes its sovereignty we will take the 2nd chance at investing our massive good fortune/terrible burden in our people and infrastructure; we may even get a dual carriageway all the way to Inverness, or three lanes on the M74 as you approach Glasgow! It’s so clear to see that we have not seen the benefit of being one of the luckiest nations on the planet (in geological terms).


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