Why a Misogynist President might be surprisingly good for the women of the Middle-East


Afghan women university in the 1960s http://iolanche.com/airblast/women-get-vote-in-afghanistan/

Donald Trump is a disgraceful, sexist, racist and a homophobe and other things but he’s not an ideological version of these things. He’s a callous, lazy, casual, old-fashioned, inconsistent version. Unlike a few fundamentalist religious groups, Muslim, Christian and Jewish, he doesn’t want all women denied higher education, the right to vote, the right to drive, the right to careers, the right to choose partners or the right of their parents to carry out ‘honour-killings’. The current theocratic regimes in countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya do. There are no fundamentalist Christian or Jewish regimes so oppression of women by groups is limited. The Jewish Belz sect in North London did try recently to ban women from driving and there have been one or two ‘honour killings’ by Christians in the UK.

In contemporary Egypt, in the remains of Assad’s Syria and in the Kurdish regions women do have most of these rights. In Kurdish areas, they even fight in the frontline against ISIS. In Hussein’s Iraq before the US-led invasion in 2003, in Gaddafi’s Libya before attacks by the UK and France triggered a civil war in 2011 and in Afghanistan before the US-backed Taliban takeover in 1996, they were the most emancipated women and had the highest material living standards at the time in the Middle-East. See this:

‘Contrary to popular imagination, Iraqi women enjoyed far more freedom under Saddam Hussein’s secular Ba’athist government than women in other Middle Eastern countries. In fact, equal rights for women were enshrined in Iraq’s Constitution in 1970, including the right to vote, run for political office, access education and own property. Today, these rights are all but absent under the U.S.-backed government of Nouri al-Maliki.’


What’s this got to do with Trump? I’m not saying all this will definitely happen with certainty but the possibility is there in what he has already said. See these from the FT, Huff Post and the Guardian:

‘Russia strikes Syria hours after Putin-Trump call. The Trump camp did not say whether the two leaders had discussed Syria on the Monday evening telephone call, but the Kremlin said they agreed on the need for joint efforts to fight terrorism and discussed the possibility of a settlement to the five-year Syrian conflict.’

‘President-Elect Trump: End U.S. Support for Saudi Arabia’s Barbaric War against Yemen’

‘The Donald Trump doctrine: ‘Assad is bad’ but US must stop ‘nation-building’

I know he’s inconsistent. I know that some within the deep establishment will pressure him to retain the cold war with Russia and old ties with Saudi Arabia but, unlike with Clinton, there is here a reasonable chance of change. Some of those in the Pentagon, in the CIA, in the FBI and elsewhere in the administration, will be younger more recently educated, less Russo-phobic and far less sympathetic or beholden to Saudi Arabia.

Trump has indicated strongly that he wants to talk to Putin and to negotiate an end to the war in Syria even if it means Assad stays in power, perhaps reduced power over parts of the country. Remember Clinton and her predecessors are financial beneficiaries and close allies of the abovementioned structurally misogynistic regime in Saudi Arabia which is also funding and supplying advanced US weapons to ISIS, al Qaeda and other Islamist groups. Trump, though part of other elite groupings, I know, is not part of that elite group and has no loyalty to them. If he does a deal with Putin and Assad while pulling support from the Islamist groups, the civil war will end soon. All women in Syria will benefit from an end to war and not just those seeking careers. The Clinton regime would have prolonged the suffering in an effort not to lose face by failing to remove Assad.

I know, he’s a dirty rotten scoundrel but she was a serious risk to world peace. I’m sorry she was a woman but it’s not my fault.


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