Why we need a ‘Scottish Six’ as long as it’s STV who run it. Why BBC Reporting Scotland would be worse than having BBC Salford to at least tell us about real crises in England

On more than a few occasions, I’ve thanked BBC Salford at 6pm for telling us about the endless crises in ‘Hard Tory England’ before BBC Scotland come on tell us how bad things are here without even a sniff of comparison or context. If you were only to switch on at 6:30pm you might never know of the repeated strikes by junior doctors, the regular and massive failures of mental health boards, the collapse of respect for police forces there or the endless stories of corporate corruption and fat cat enrichment at the expense of their staff and us. You might even miss the falling-apart of the Conservative Party as it fights within itself over Brexit. Watching BBC Scotland’s fawning over their new ‘Champion of the Union’, Ruth Davidson, you’d never think she was in the same dysfunctional group. You certainly won’t hear of Ruth’s nauseating fawning to the Tory elite and playing the loveable rascal Scot who might steal your cutlery and damage your furniture if you leave them alone in the room. If she was black and saying those things, imagine the reaction?

I’ve reported before STV’s greater professionalism since around the end of 2014 when they clearly twigged that it made no economic sense to go on offending around 50% of their viewers. The evidence is in:


More recent evidence that the case remains the same came on Thursday 27th October 2016, when both covered the ‘crisis’ in NHS Scotland. Both reports were similar but, crucially, STV demonstrated why they have the brains and the ethics for a full six. Toward the end of the STV report, Bernard Ponsonby made this crucial point:

‘Frankly every government on the planet, that runs a publicly-funded health system, is having to grapple with these problems…These are not issues confined to Scotland’

You see, what you need, first, to run a Scottish 6, is the level of education to enable you to place current events in a wider historical and geographical context so that we are then able understand them properly. Second you need the ethical standards by which you feel obliged to contextualise properly even it undermines your narrow, Unionist, agenda.

So, the message here is clear, for Scotland’s opposition parties and for ‘critical friends’ of independence, such as the dread Kevin McKenna in the Herald today: ‘Do you really think anyone else could make a better job of this?’ Frankly, the Scottish opposition parties are only tiny branch offices of the parties that have a long dishonourable track record of almost destroying the NHS with their sociopathic, neo-liberal, ‘policies’. Don’t make me laugh!




4 thoughts on “Why we need a ‘Scottish Six’ as long as it’s STV who run it. Why BBC Reporting Scotland would be worse than having BBC Salford to at least tell us about real crises in England

  1. caltonjock October 30, 2016 / 1:06 am

    BBC Scotland News and Current affairs is the worst possible example of a closed shop. Membership is strictly controlled, nepotism being the preferred method of recruitment. Blind affiliation to the labour party branch currently operating in Scotland is required. A Scottish six through the BBC would perpetuate the well practised abuse of Scots by a “cleek” desperate to cling to the old ways regardless of the feelings of those that pay their extortionate salaries.


    • johnrobertson834 October 30, 2016 / 8:28 am

      Absolutely! At least one of the older heids is literally married into the Labour party elite. I like your choice of the Scots word for ‘clique’. Why not?


  2. Clydebuilt October 30, 2016 / 10:19 am

    A Scottish Six run by the BBC will be just an extra 30 mins. of Biased anti Scottish Briadcasting.
    What’s The Ed. of Commonspace doing attacking the Bill boards. No reasoning put forward just , boards are bad and must be the idea of George Ponsonby.
    It’s exactly what I’d expect from the mainstream media.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. johnrobertson834 October 30, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    I think they find the boards just a bit working-class for their sensitive natures. Let’s not be rude chaps?


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