BBC Scotland accused of scaring old folk to death!

I’m accusing them. Here’s today’s story at 06:26am on 21st October 2016:

‘A report has warned budget cuts, Brexit and growing patient demand are all leading to a ‘perfect storm‘ for nursing staff in Scotland. The Royal College of Nursing is calling for the Scottish Government to avert a staffing crisis they say rising demand and insufficient staff are putting patient care at risk’

 If you want to have maximum negative effect on elderly and infirm voters, this is the time to do it. I’ve explained in an earlier post the theory behind this:

The Power of Nightmares: Waking up to early morning bad news on BBC Scotland and fearing the unknownat:

I’ve suggested and been jumped on for doing so, that constant scare stories of overwork and understaffing might actually cause some elderly and sick people to hold back from contacting their GP or going to A&E. Yes, I’m saying constant media scares may be endangering lives.

This report from BBC Scotland is part of a much longer slimy trail. See:

‘Stand up for NHS Scotland, bucking the UK trend despite media attacks’

As for the Royal College of Nursing, a trades union like the RMT or Unison, remember, can we trust them? No. See:

‘Why won’t Royal College of Nursing release full results of a members’ survey?’

There is currently a perfect storm in NHS England. There isn’t any such thing in Scotland nor is there any sign the Scottish Government will allow one to happen. This is scaremongering, a non-story based on unreliable evidence from a trades union operating only in the interests of its members and reported by BBC Scotland as part of its desperate Unionist agenda.

The agenda for the morning also had Patrick Harvie’s ‘Warning to the SNP’. Ironically he seemed to be warning the SNP to stick with the very progressive policies BBC Scotland rarely trumpets as successes.

Running Total:

Running total 21/9/16 to 21/10/16*                    Number of reports

Bad news for SG/SNP                                                            20

Good news for SG/SNP                                                         9

Bad news for Labour                                                              1

Good news for Labour                                                           5

Bad news for Conservative Party (CP)                              0

Missed bad news opportunities for CP                             143 (estimate)

Good news for CP                                                                   3

* Monday to Friday only





6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland accused of scaring old folk to death!

  1. caltonjock October 21, 2016 / 10:18 pm

    Feedback to the BBC, at the time of the 2014 referendum confirmed their constant drip feeding of negative information to pensioners worked a treat convincing many that an independent Scotland would be doomed from the start and the first to suffer would be pensioners. The proven strategy is evidently still very much a favoured weapon of attrition. Early attention needs to be given to finding a way of rendering the BBC propaganda impotent.


  2. caltonjock October 22, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    the new “advertising” proposal might help to balance things somewhat

    Liked by 1 person

  3. caltonjock October 22, 2016 / 10:02 pm

    I remember the “Wings” attempt at public advertising which had to be aborted when the GCC intervened and cancelled the contract which allowed “Wings” to place adverts in the Glasgow underground. They need to be assured their posters will be carried exactly as specified etc. I checked the site content ad note they haven’t listed me as a blog link!!!! Ha!!


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