SNP overturn massive Labour majority in heart of Glasgow: BBC Scotland’s local government correspondent says ‘Eh…what…..zzzzzzzzzzz…….eh…oh wake me up when it’s over’


The corridors of power. Image:

 Well, to be accurate, Garscadden/Scotstounhill isn’t exactly in the geographical heart of Glasgow but you know what I mean. It was a 20% swing to the SNP overturning a majority in excess of 60% at the 2102 election. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was in the city at the time. It might be an early sign of an historic transfer of power in next year’s local elections. Sounds kind of newsworthy to me but what do I know about news values?

Instead, BBC Scotland’s early news bulletin at 06:25 on 7th October 2016 went with:

  1. Scots nurse tests negative for Ebola
  2. New office park for Glasgow
  3. Study into concussion effects on our reporters…no…sorry…on rugby players
  4. Homelessness
  5. Nicola goes to Iceland (the island)

 You can see how they just didn’t have time for a massive and possibly portentous political shock in there. The Daily Record and the Scotsman missed the story too. The Herald pointed out helpfully that the SNP had only won by around 100 votes…so it wasn’t that dramatic after all….was it?

As for the Tory surge, there was no sign of it here. I’m starting to wonder if it’s real. Do you think it might not be real and is just one of those media constructs I used to teach about?

Running Total:

Running total 21 to 7/10/16*                           Number of reports

Bad news for SG/SNP                                                            16

Good news for SG/SNP                                                         7

Bad news for Labour                                                              1

Good news for Labour                                                           5

Bad news for CP                                                                      0

Good news for CP                                                                   3

* Monday to Friday only

No additions today

PDF for printing:



2 thoughts on “SNP overturn massive Labour majority in heart of Glasgow: BBC Scotland’s local government correspondent says ‘Eh…what…..zzzzzzzzzzz…….eh…oh wake me up when it’s over’

  1. johnrobertson834 October 7, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Is that stairwell for real? Looks like CGI for a fantasy film. Mind you, some of the Glasgow cooncillors have a Middle earth look to them.


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