Wishing I was English: Can SNP members follow JC?


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I’ve just realised something. Since I gave up on my addiction to big hits (views?) to be free of editorial oppression, I’ve stuck to writing only for the campaign – independence, independence, independence – but I don’t have to. I’m an SNP member and fully loyal in the face of their opponents in Scotland. Though I’m really uncomfortable with the acceptance of NATO, with the monarchy and with aspects of our economic policy, I know only the SNP can do it for us. One of my last big pieces, ‘Are the SNP’s ‘Critical Friends’ really helping or just posturing?’  on the Indyref2 website , was a devastating (my own assessment) attack  on those  of the left who don’t seem to agree.

I should say, I’m pretty much with Indyref2 and did try to jump ship to them after deciding Newsnet.scot (NN) were less than fully committed to bashing the BBC and were trying to restrict my output. Rather wittily, I have to admit, NN told me last year, after a previous disagreement, that they had been to CIA HQ in Langley to be told how to suppress me. You think I’m paranoid and complicated? I think I’m paranoid, manipulated. It might all be garbage, I suppose. Indyref2 wouldn’t have me other than as a guest and suggested that NN was where readers expected ‘the Prof’ to be. I know it was well-meant but it was also a bit patronising and controlling, like a mum can be. ‘The Prof’ has left the building.

Anyhow, back to the point, I really like JC, Jeremy Corby that is. Though utterly opposed even disgusted by the Labour Party’s Scottish branch and leadership (other than Alex Rowley?), I can’t help being really interested in what’s happening to Labour in England and liking JC and Momentum. Things are kind of settled in Scotland. We’re just waiting for Labour here to completely fade away and, if we have any sense, turning all our fire now on the loathsome Scottish Tories and their media protectors.

I’m currently following the battle for England with massive interest and might write some stuff about it. I know JC has said ‘no way’ on Scottish independence but if your friends all had to be perfect, you’d soon have no friends at all. Of course, ironically, the Labour Party in England would chuck me out if I so much as said I like Nicola’s new suit.

So, I’m ‘out of the press’ on this one. By ‘press’ I mean ‘closet’. The Online Scots Dictionary says ‘Sorry no translation for closet.’ My granny who actually spoke Scots had a big walk-in ‘press’ as she called it so that sounds right. As is my right, I now demand a complex identity as SNP loyalist and a follower of Labour in England. I have two hands so let me keep the Saltire and the Red Flag flying high.





3 thoughts on “Wishing I was English: Can SNP members follow JC?

  1. Clydebuilt October 2, 2016 / 11:40 am

    John I like JC also….. For me the guy is a bit of a hero, standing up to the PLP ….having these guys n gals laughing behind his back at PMQ’s with the Tories geering in front of him, BUT (that’s a big but btw) surely a JC led Labour Party doing well in the polls would attract voters back from the SNP to Labour’s branch office…… Even if English Labour are not doing well I reckon our Scottish MSM will talk up Labour’s chances telling folks that Labour’s a socialist party… JC will be used by our media to damage the SNP. A case of turning any stone into a weapon.

    I’d probably campaign for JC in England, the guy deserves it……..but not until we get Independence,


  2. caltonjock October 7, 2016 / 11:10 am

    There will be no return to Labour by SNP voters so long as Kezia Dugdale is in charge.


  3. johnrobertson834 October 8, 2016 / 5:15 am

    She’s a relic of New Labour thinking. Her deputy must be thinking of a coup. A mistake by SNP could trigger such a move though.


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