Steel yourself for good news about Scotland on BBC Scotland. Is the Scottish Government due just a wee bit of credit? Don’t push it Nats!


Photograph: Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

 ‘Nicola Sturgeon vows to support steel manufacturing in Scotland’

 No, that wasn’t a BBC Scotland headline. It’s from the Guardian of 22nd October 2015 and it reported something that BBC Scotland had clearly forgotten.

Here are the stories BBC Scotland reported on the morning of 28th September 2016 starting at 06:27am:

  1. Production is to officially resume at Scotland’s last major steelworks. The First Minister will mark the reopening…’
  2. The Scottish tourist industry has been boosted through the Summer with the help of the weaker pound as business confidence more widely show signs of improvement….’slightly more firms’
  3. The Broons
  4. Football

 It does look good compared to previous days doesn’t it? You can let your granny watch this one without needing to worry too much about her meds. The steel story was headlined but we sure weren’t getting any visuals of Nicola anywhere near the steelworks or any mention of the SNP/SG’s role in saving the plant. We got stock moving images of steel production. I don’t know where they got them from but wouldn’t it be unsurprising if they were actually of a Chinese or Indian plant? I’m not going to count this as good news for the SG/SNP. Here’s how Common Space headlined it in March 2016:

‘Scottish steel works saved by Scottish Government-brokered deal’

Such credit was otherwise non-existent in our MSM. The Sunday Post even allowed a Tory spokesman to welcome the deal to sort of get the credit from skimmers and slow readers, in paragraph three, while it was only in paragraph seven that we heard of  A huge effort by unions and Scottish Government ministers(!).  I’m sure the unions played a big part but ‘and the Scottish Government’ really? Where did the money come from?

Addition 17:08 pm: Say the news was the other way round and there was a suggestion that the SNP would be to blame for job losses as opposed to being responsible directly for job gains how would the BBC report it? Here are just three from 2014:

Scottish independence: Babcock predicts Clyde job losses (by Glenn Campbell)

Scottish independence: ‘Yes’ vote means loss of shipbuilding jobs, says Lamont

Scottish independence: ‘Yes’ vote carries substantial risk, says Weir Group (by James Cook & Andrew Black)

You’ll recognise the authors well I’m sure.

 So ‘the Scottish tourist industry has been boosted through the summer with the help of the weaker pound.’ No doubt it had but to select that explanation on its own is a bit unfair, isn’t it? All the workers in the tourism industry might as well have been plodding along as per usual and still get that wee boost…the lazy items. Did the BBC have evidence that the weaker pound was the major explanation? No they didn’t. It’s just an assumption. Seems plausible, I suppose yet their longer web report has no authority supporting the idea. If it’s just currency fluctuation, I suppose we should be careful not to get carried away and do anything daft like…eh….employ more folk?

‘Tourism boost to create 4,000 new jobs in Edinburgh’

Only yesterday, the Herald reported: ‘MORE than 4,000 new jobs are expected to be created in the tourism industry in the Scottish capital as visits rise by a third in the next four years.’ Are they mad? It’ll never last. Keep your money in the Royal Bank where it can be used sustainably for bonuses!

Try searching for ‘Scottish Tourism Boost’ and you’ll find that it might also have been music tourism, Outlander, whisky, heritage railways and the new Greenock cruise terminal. Come on BBC Scotland, get out a bit more! That ‘Broons’ stage play looks good. Mind you, will the tourists understand it?  There, you see, it’s never going to work is it? Just as well we have the ‘broad shoulders’ of the Union to protect us. Don’t go out. Certainly don’t go out of the Union.

Generous to a fault, I’ll give the Royal Bank report a ‘good news for the SG/SNP’ point despite the ’slightly more firms’ grudging.

Running Total:

Running total 21 to 28/9/16                            Number of reports

Bad news for SG/SNP                                                            7

Good news for SG/SNP                                                         3

Bad news for Labour                                                              1

Good news for Labour                                                           5

Bad news for CP                                                                      0

Good news for CP                                                                   0

Those Tories seem to be untouchable.  They must have done something true to their nature in the last few days.







One thought on “Steel yourself for good news about Scotland on BBC Scotland. Is the Scottish Government due just a wee bit of credit? Don’t push it Nats!

  1. johnrobertson834 September 28, 2016 / 7:17 pm

    A wee comment on STV noting that the Scottish government had bought the plant in the first place and on RepScot that it had brokered the deal. Still a pretty grudging recognition that they had achieved something. Compare this their with their enthusiasm for blaming the SG on many other issues.


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