Now the news, weather and travel where you people are: You can go out if you cover up and avoid the M74 but don’t even think of leaving the Union.




Now the news, weather and travel where you people are: You can go out if you cover up and avoid the M74 but don’t even think of leaving the Union.

‘Three years after the launch of an NHS [Scotland] scheme promising vital support for anyone diagnosed with Dementia, it seems thousands of patients haven’t received any. A BBC investigation has found that the prospect for getting help varies dramatically depending on post code. The Scottish Government acknowledges that more must be done but insists that Scotland is the only part of the UK to offer such a scheme.’

Then we see a professor not earning their salary but just stating the bleeding obvious and utterly failing to provide any context or analysis of the survey. Sigh, I’ll have to check out the BBC research and mark it myself. I’ll report later. If they get another fail, they’re out!

This is one of only three stories at 7.55 am on Wednesday 21st September, 2016, repeated throughout the morning on BBC Breakfast. It’s followed by good news about the Labour Party in Scotland though current leader, Kezia Dugdale, doesn’t seem at all convinced that it is.

Next we hear from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)  that medical practices in Scotland might ‘buckle under the pressure if new houses are built in areas already stretched.’ I’ll come back to RCGP later.

So that two bad news for the Scottish Government (SG) and one good for the Labour Party. It’s not even superficially balanced and it’s repeated throughout the morning.

However, it doesn’t look like propaganda unless you you’ve just finished watching the Matrix, reading Manufacturing Consent or were old enough in 2014 to witness Project Fear on the BBC. The presenter and I guess the editor were off the day their BA Journalism lecturer dismissed Noam Chomsky as a conspiracy nut. The presenter is the epitome of niceness. I can’t believe she’d ever tell a fib. She almost certainly isn’t. Propaganda doesn’t require deliberate lying just belief in the established narratives.

Here’s a link to a different, better truth about the Scottish NHS:

Good propaganda, to be effective, has to look friendly, calm and reasonable. In the Soviet Union, in Nazi Germany or on Fox News today, propaganda is obvious so no one in their right mind believes any of it. As we know, roughly half of the Scottish electorate still seem to be falling for it.

Coming back to the RCGP, you cannot trust them or their current leader for a moment. They are part of much more explicit propagandising against the SG. They produce a steady stream of flimsy research reports apparently blaming the SG for failures that are not even there or just generally and disgracefully scaring the old folk.  Again, try this link for a different view of the RCGP:

The BBC report missed, as it has done before, the important contextual point that Scotland has many more GPs per head of population than other parts of the UK. See this:

And, Scotland’s GPs are far more content than the RCGP pretends. See this:

To finish on a lighter note, I see Glenn Campbell (GC) has moved south where he belongs. He reported today on Jeremy Corbyn (JC), in a fair and balanced way. Well done GC. They like you, stay. Of course it might be that he only got the job to help the BBC pretend it is inclusive of ethnic minorities – Scottish, islander and a Campbell! Doesn’t that mean ‘twisted mouth?’ GC is no truthsayer but I’m sure they can’t have named GCHQ after his spymaster great grandad

And to finish on a darker note too, the Weather Wummin warned that it was ‘quite chilly in places’ – in the Heart of Darkness, of Pacific Quay?







One thought on “Now the news, weather and travel where you people are: You can go out if you cover up and avoid the M74 but don’t even think of leaving the Union.

  1. johnrobertson834 September 21, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    What the professor actually said: ‘June Andrews, emeritus professor of dementia studies at the University of Stirling, told BBC Scotland the service offered in Scotland was “fantastic”, but said she was concerned about why the figures for health boards were so uneven.’

    Reduced and distorted by BBC to headline ‘Thousands miss out on dementia support scheme’


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