BBC Charter Renewal – Give your thoughts to the Holyrood Committee: My comments below

BBC charter renewal – Call for views

You can comment here:…/CurrentCommi…/92650.aspx

My response already sent

Response from Professor John Robertson, University of the West of Scotland (though soon to be retired).
Scale and scope of the BBC
• How should the charter reflect the BBC’s priorities and output in Scotland?
It requires crucially an obligation to report to this committee.
• Should in-house production quotas and Terms of Trade allow greater competition and what impact could this have on the Scottish broadcasting industry?
Yes, crucially again to nurture the SBI so that it can become like its equivalents in Scandinavia, Belgium etc
• Is the BBC’s online presence damaging local and regional news outlets in Scotland? What could be done to ensure the BBC works more co-operatively with the local and regional news sector?
Yes, the BBC news output should move to a Scottish 6 format with more national ie Scotland output – Scotland and the EU, NATO, Trident, fishing etc

2. Serving the interests of the Scottish audience
• How well is the BBC serving the Scottish audience (English and Gaelic speaking) and representing Scottish issues to the wider UK audience?
Very poorly indeed. Reinforcing negative stereotypes of Scottish desires for autonomy and strewn with errors in reporting Scottish history eg Neil Oliver.
• Could Scotland receive a fairer share of BBC spending?
Absolutely must do. Current imbalance is very damaging.
• How well does the BBC support distinctive Scottish content and could it do more in this regard?
Very poorly indeed. Lacking imagination and playing very safe on highly important issues such as fracking and nuclear waste.
• How could the BBC enhance support and development of talent and skills in Scotland?
Spreading the licence income to smaller independent producers. Adopting a more meritocratic appointment practice to reduce the dominance of private school background, ancient universities and Labour party nepotism. STV seem to manage very well on this.
3. Governance arrangements
• How could BBC governance be improved to enhance the Scottish voice?
Fully accountable to Holyrood committees BEFORE London HQ. Holyrood and trades union representation in recruitment processes including initial advertising and leeting.
ON THIS POINT BBC Scotland is too tied to London. A a new channel funded by and reporting to Holyrood and not to London is required
4. Cost savings
• What would be the impact of any further cuts to BBC spending in Scotland?
Not required in Scotland.


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