Nope, still no recession, Fraser of Allander ‘Institute’: Scottish employment climbs to record high while unemployment and inactivity falls over the quarter.

Professor Graeme Roy, director of the Fraser of Allander Institute looking a bit glum: Resign? Just pack it all in?


Over the quarter, Scotland’s employment rate climbed to 75.2%, a record high. Unemployment remained lower than the UK figure 0f 4.4%, at 3.9% and female unemployment continues to be among one of the lowest in Europe at 8.4%.

Now, what was that other thing? Oh, yes, the Scottish economy grew at four times the rate of the UK economy.

These coincide, meaningfully I think with other economic indicators, I’ve been reporting here such as:

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Things are getting better for most of us but probably not for our Unionist politicians, ‘academics’ and media who’d much rather we’d got that lovely recession they’d predicted earlier in the year – selfish bar stewards?