Is there something in the ‘Fife’ air that’s good for spooks?

golfball.png instforstateNATO                                                                Institute for Statecraft

Readers may already know that the Auchtermuchty-based Institute for Statecraft has been implicated in attempts to influence the Spanish government’s attitude toward Russia and in an ‘infowars attack’ on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn:



Older readers may remember the ‘NATO spy base’ known by most as ‘the Golf Ball’ (above) just across the border into Kinross but, crucially, within the borders of the ancient Pictish kingdom of Magna Fife.  The ‘eavesdropping post’ was used to spy on Soviet Russia during the Great Cold War of 1945-1989.

Now, TuS Security Correspondent and visiting fellow at the Prague Institute for Security Techniques (PIST), Professor Jan Wallesa Robertinsky, has discovered further evidence of surveillance activity with the same area. Clackmannanshire-based Saltire Investigations offers a range of spying services including ‘Partner Bugging’ which Mrs Robertinsky has expressed interest in testing for TuS:


Alert readers will note the use of the SNP thistle logo, above, lying on its side and draw their own conclusions as to Saltire’s position re Scottish independence.

Professor Robertinsky has suggested that the Fife aural environment may be particularly suitable for electronic surveillance because of the opacity of the background Fife accent spoken in these areas. The sharp contrasts and thus noticeability, for computer algorithms, of non-Fife-based and Fife-based, spoken English is very helpful. Speech being picked up from areas where English is spoken more clearly, such as in Spain or Russia, will be detected and thus monitored, more quickly and more efficiently because of its multiple differences from the local speech, eh.

TuS is deeply concerned about these developments though relieved to have moved down to Ayrshire, in 1984 (!) and will approach local MSP, Conservative and MP, Conservative also, to…..Oh FFS I might as well give up now.


3 thoughts on “Is there something in the ‘Fife’ air that’s good for spooks?

  1. Ludo Thierry December 24, 2018 / 6:07 pm

    Hi John – you’ve provided us with a fantastic festive feast of articles today – Every festive feast should have some festive ‘crackers’ (The Times ‘news’paper and the Lib. Dems have kindly provided these) – and within the crackers there should be some cringe-worthy jokes – step forward exactly on cue Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP: See links and snippets below:

    MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 24th December, 2018) The Times newspaper published on Sunday a list of journalists working at Sputnik’s UK bureau in Edinburgh with their photos as well as an appeal from Alex Cole-Hamilton, a member of the Scottish parliament from Scottish Liberal Democrats, to deprive Sputnik internet radio station and RT broadcaster of their assets in the United Kingdom.

    Cole-Hamilton, who is in charge of issues related to healthcare, has, in particular, accused Sputnik’s UK bureau of being engaged in “information war” against the United Kingdom.

    “Organisations such as Sputnik and RT pump out propaganda backed by Vladimir Putin [the Russian president] and have been complicit in the cover-up of events from human rights breaches to the Russian invasion of Crimea. Other countries have taken a tougher line on the assets of Russian nationals than we have in the UK. The UK government must look again at what can be done,” Cole-Hamilton said as quoted by the media outlet.
    The lawmaker called on the UK authorities to seize the assets of RT and Sputnik in the United Kingdom in order to prevent these media from operating in the country.

    The Times names & shames Sputnik journalists in appalling McCarthyist hit-piece
    Published time: 24 Dec, 2018 14:07

    The Times has hit a new Russia-bashing low, publishing a hit piece on the Moscow funded outlet Sputnik. The ‘name and shame’ article lists eight employees of Sputnik, complete with their photos and full names.

    The story published on Sunday by one of the most respectable British newspapers is your usual attack on Russia and its foreign outreach efforts, described, of course, as propaganda. Technically it reports on the controversy over Integrity Initiative, the UK-funded psyop pushing London-favored narratives under the guise of fighting ‘Russian disinformation’. But it also focuses on the British-based branch of Sputnik, a news website and internet radio station funded by Moscow

    Halfway through the story you find a collage of eight employees of Sputnik: Some of them from management, some correspondents and one who is the head of the IT department, complete with their full names. The Times also gives an approximate location of Sputnik’s office in Edinburgh.
    A possible reason for that? Sputnik – so the Times says – was “among the first to report details of the hack” of Integrity Initiative. “It has fuelled suspicion that Russia was behind the hack and used its media outlets to amplify its impact,” according to the Times.

    LibDem? – How VERY liberal – How VERY democratic.

    Happy Festive Season one and all – (including Mr. Cole-Hamilton)


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