Scottish Government invests a further £460 000 in keeping up a head of steam (😊) in Scotland’s renewables sector


As you know our renewable energy sector is already booming with 100% sustainability almost certain by 2030 but the Scottish Government is not resting and has put together a £920 000 investment along with Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult (cool name, dull logo?) to further develop the efficiency of offshore wind turbines. The programme will be based in Fife at Levenmouth.

ORE Catapult’s director, said:

‘The Levenmouth Turbine offers an unrivalled opportunity to position Scotland and the UK at the heart of European wind research. Providing a unique testing environment for new technologies, and using real-world data from the operation of the turbine, will help us develop a deeper understanding of the operations and maintenance aspects of offshore wind turbines. This will significantly help to develop the skills and experience that is critical to the future growth of the industry and its continuing efforts to reduce costs.’

As you know, offshore wind generation has advantages over onshore, including harvesting stronger winds and using larger turbines out of sight of the coastline.

The £2 billion Neart na Gaoithe (‘strength of the wind’) off the Fife coast will generate 450MW. There will be 500 jobs created during construction and 100 permanent jobs. The Scottish economy will benefit from £540 million direct investment during construction and a further £610 during operation. Also, the massive Beatrice field looks like making a major contribution to the Scottish economy:

£530 million boost for Scottish economy from Beatrice offshore windfarm

Footnote re headline: Don’t metaphors last? I could have said the even older but maybe more appropriate ‘wind in our sails’. My metaphors are murder!


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